Private social network for file sharing and streaming
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Share and save big files.
Unlimited size. 100% secure. 100% privacy. 100% free.
Using TeapotNet allows you to share and save for yourself big folders and files. Unlike DropBox or Google Drive, there is no size limit and your data are 100% secure as it's totally encrypted and not stored in any server farm. The cherry on top of the cake ? It's completely free !
TeapotNet reinvents social networking.
Your data cannot be sold or spied.
Your files become social ! You can integrate the files you want to share directly in the TeapotNet social network. We, at Teapotnet, do not (and cannot) keep a copy of your data on our servers. So, your personal information cannot be sold or spied by anyone. Of course, it means no more so-called personalized annoying ads !
Stream music or video directly
on your browser or your phone.
With TeapotNet, you can stream all the music and videos your friends share, directly on your phone or on your browser. You can also choose the media files you want to access offline, just like in Spotify.
Sets up in a few seconds.
As simple as making a cup of tea.
As easy to use as any other social network, or cloud storage company. Download and install TeapotNet, invite your friends and share !